Tips to Find the Best Home Inspector in Biloxi

Tips to Find the Best Home Inspector in Biloxi

When you buy a home, it’s always a good idea to get a professional home inspection done to foresee any problems you may be faced with. In the case of most inspectors, you can make your purchase contract based on whether you are satisfied with the inspection. This means that if you don’t like the inspection results, you can cancel the contract and get your deposit back so you can walk away from the deal. Another method is negotiating with the seller to lower the price or make repairs to areas that the inspector pointed out during the inspection.

Even if the inspection results mean you have to agree to accept the house as is at the contract price. A proper home inspection can give you valuable insights into the property you’re buying and help you plan for future maintenance and repairs.

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Licensed and Non-licensed inspectors

“It may seem like an obligation to hire an inspector who’s both licensed and certified, but the requirements for each state are not as simple as you think,” said Frank Lesh, the executive director of the nonprofit American Society of Home Inspectors.

The reason behind that statement is because not every state requires home inspectors to be licensed. For those that are, the licenses can translate to varying degrees of expertise, and depending on the state’s requirements.

The American Society of Home Inspectors has its own certification for its members. It is rigorous and must be renewed every three years. To find members with the certification, you can search for certified inspectors by specialty on their website.

Does my task require a specialist?

For many home inspections, any home inspector is capable for the job. Inspectors focus primarily on the visible parts of the home; they are restricted from opening walls. If your inspector indicates something that you should pay attention to or you notice something that looks amiss, you should probably call someone else to investigate more. If you decide to bring in an HVAC specialist, electrician, roofer, or plumber. It is not uncommon to offer you an expert opinion based on something that the inspector put in the report.

Nevertheless, some inspectors specialize in certain types of issues. If you are interested in buying commercial property, you will want to search for an inspector familiar with the requirements for the kind of business you’ll be running. If you plan on buying an older home, you may want someone familiar with antique houses and their common problems.

How to find a good home inspector

After you have found a group of reliable inspectors who meet your qualifications, you will want to take the time to talk to them and make sure your communication styles are in synch. They are going to be the person explaining what the problems they find in your house to you, and the best inspector is someone you can trust who tells things in a way that makes sense to you.

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Ask for a sample report

An excellent way to get a gauge of how an inspector thinks is to see asks for a sample report. This will give you an insight into how detailed the inspector is and how he clarifies problems, especially technical ones. Remember this: The inspector’s job is just to point out issues. They do not suggest things that need to be fixed, estimate the cost of different damages, or give advice about what to request from the sellers for compensation.

By reading their sample report, you can get a feeling for whether this person can speak problems that they notice in a way that increases your confidence in their analysis of your home. For first-time homebuyers in Biloxi, this is also an excellent way to see the kinds of issues that pop up during inspections.

Questions to ask a home inspector

Before you hire a prospective home inspector, here are some questions you should make sure to ask:

  • Find out their qualifications?
  • How long have you been doing this type of inspection?
  • How much do you charge?
  • How long will the inspection take?
  • Can I come along on the inspection?

The answer to that last question should always be yes! It’s vital that you understand the issues in your home and having the inspector to walk you through and show you in-person will always be better than reading the final report they give you. Additionally, most inspectors point out things to you that aren’t a problem but will require upkeep at some point. The inspection is a great chance to learn how to maintain your new home, and perhaps to get a list of things that will need to be repaired or replaced. For first-time homeowners, especially, this is an incredibly valuable service that you won’t want to miss.

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